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What’s The Hype About Brushing With An Electronic Toothbrush?

It is an undeniable fact that going digital is the trend of the future, but what about trends in regards to our oral hygiene? Electric toothbrushes have been growing popularity among the younger generation, but is it truly what it says it does? There are a million questions when it comes to getting one, but here, let us focus on a few pointers to clear your doubts:

The benefits of an electric toothbrush

The convenience of using an electric toothbrush

Mooi Electronic Toothbrush

Ask anyone and they will tell you at the top of their mind that using an electric toothbrush is super convenient. It is akin to plug and play, layer on your toothpaste and let your bristles do the hard work. These days, electronic toothbrushes come with fast-charging functions and can last for about a month’s use at one go!

An electric toothbrush cleans better than a manual toothbrush
It has been proven that an electric toothbrush, with its oscillating motion and vibration, is able to clean plaque and reduce gingivitis more effectively. In fact, a study has shown that:

“There was an 11% reduction in plaque at one to three months of use, and a 21% reduction in plaque when assessed after three months of use. For gingivitis, there was a 6% reduction at one to three months of use and an 11% reduction when assessed after three months of use.”

If you’re waiting to have that sense of clean and polished feeling every time you leave your dentist after a session, an electric toothbrush would function better for you than a manual one. Now, you can enjoy that cleaned and refreshed feeling even at home!

Brushing technique with an electric toothbrush
Mooi - brushes teeth

Unlike manual toothbrushes where you have to focus on each and every single one of your teeth, slowly, with the up and down motion, electric brushes provide the ease of use. You simply have to guide the bristles to the teeth and let it work its magic. People with wrist mobility issues or arthritis may find using manual toothbrushes harder to deal with and an electric toothbrush would be better easing the discomfort here.

What about mooi electric toothbrushes?
mooi electronic toothbrush
Our electronic toothbrushes have been tasked to target all the above in that small nifty body that is comfortable to hold. With automatic vertical brushing, it also takes the effort off your hands to recreate that up and down motion from your wrist.

Mooi electronic toothbrush also comes with 4 different modes, catered to different personal preferences. The toothbrush body is IPX7 waterproof, protecting your device from accidental submersion into the water, though we do not recommend using it in the shower or washing the toothbrush body to prolong the lifespan of your electric toothbrush. You’ll be also happy o learn that our e-toothbrushes comes with a 2-minute auto-timer that beeps every 30 seconds to remind you to change sides!

Note: It is still important to change the bristle head once it has frayed or worn off regardless of manual or electronic toothbrushes. An overused bristle head will not clean away the plaque effectively.

It might be a little daunting if it’s the first time you have finally decided to invest in a better oral care option, but we promise it will be worth it. Getting an electric toothbrush is going to set the pace for your future self-care regime.


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