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Mooi Teeth Whitening Strips (Charcoal Mint Flavoured)


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The 3 Main Ingredients in Mooi

  • Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate

    It acts as a tartar control agent, serving to remove calcium and magnesium from saliva and thus preventing them from being deposited on teeth.

    Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate
  • Sodium Bicarbonate

    Which is also known as baking soda, is an abrasive compound that can remove the stains that are caused by drinking coffee, tea, smoking, etc. and the debris on the surface of the teeth to make the teeth appear whiter and brighter. It is mild on your teeth to remove your teeth surface stains.

    Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Sodium Phytate

    A stain-removing agent that is not a bleaching agent, effectively helps to clean up external stains on enamels and control the buildup of tartar.

    Sodium Phytate

Inspired by you, created for you


    Not gonna lie, seriously love the packaging and how convenient it is. Watermelon is my favourite!


    Sharing my new oral care routine using @mooibeautyofficial teeth whitening strips! Love that it’s gentle even on sensitive teeth and I noticed a difference after just one use!


    Just wanna share my oral care routine that I usually do on the weekends~ I’ve been using @mooibeautyofficial teeth whitening strips that’s gentle on the teeth enamel yet effective!?✨ Perfect for people with sensitive teeth! I can really see a great improvement in the whiteness of my teeth just after one use!?? Super handy to keep tea & coffee stains at bay.?☕

We Have Answers to Your Questions
  • What is the recommended usage for whitening?

    Light stains: 1 box (Consist 14 sachets), use everyday for 14 days.
    Medium stains: 2 boxes (Consist 28 sachets), use everyday for 28 days or twice a day for 14 days.
    Deep stains: 3 boxes (Consist 42 sachets), twice a day for 21 days.

  • What about maintenance?

    We highly recommend you to maintain your teeth shade with at least one strip a week. Or you can also use our teeth whitening pen once-twice a week for a much gentler whitening by removing external stains without bleaching.

  • Why are there white patches / spots when I remove the strips?

    The white spots that you are seeing are temporary and will go away on their own after a few hours.

    This unevenness is caused by loss of moisture in your tooth’s enamel. It does not harm your tooth or enamel.

    If you do have existing dental fluorosis or enamel hypoplasia, your tooth’s existing white spots may be more pronounced after whitening for a few hours.

    Tips: Avoid consuming stain causing drinks and food after using whitening strips for at least 1 hour.

  • Does it cause any sensitivities? I have sensitive teeth!

    It will not cause more sensitivity to your teeth. Our formula does not contain hydrogen peroxide, which allows you to whiten your teeth without causing damage to your enamel. However, if you do have pre-existing sensitivity in your enamel, you will experience some sensitivity during the treatment, but this will subside after a few hours.

  • What is the key whitening agent in the mooi teeth whitening strips?

    PAP (Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid) is the newest and most sought after bleaching agent that is clinically proven to whiten the teeth like peroxides but without damage on both inner and outer tooth structure.

  • What is the difference between your Kit and Strips?

    Our kit does not contain any bleaching agent, and the kit is ideal for people who want to remove external stains in a more gradual timeline. It is also more affordable per usage basis.
    Our strips contain a bleaching agent known as PAP, which targets stubborn stains at a much quicker rate without damage on both inner and outer tooth structure, similar to the Kit.
    We highly recommend customers to purchase both the kit and strips if possible. It is ideal to use the strips first for quicker whitening, and using the kit after for maintenance.

  • Do I need to get a mouthpiece to use with the strips?

    We definitely recommend getting a mouthpiece to be used with the strips if you would like to shorten the duration of using the strips from 30 minutes to 16 minutes as the LED accelerating mouthpiece helps to shorten the whitening process.

  • Is this Vegan?

    There are no animals or animal-by-products which makes it vegan friendly.

  • Is this cruelty-free?

    We do not test our products on animals, ever.

  • Is this Halal-friendly?

    There are no animals or animal-by-products which makes it halal-friendly, and our halal certification is in the process.

  • Where is this made?

    Mooi teeth whitening strips are designed in Singapore, and ingredients are sourced and formulated in the USA. The assembling of the packaging is done in China with strict quality control.

  • Can I use the teeth whitening strips during pregnancy or nursing?

    Please consult your gynaecological doctor before using Mooi Teeth Whitening Strips.

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Lee Jia Wei
Lee Jia Wei
I really like this product! I’ve been using it for quite some time now and noticed quite a difference, especially from... afar 😂it’s more affordable than going to the clinics as well & you can do maintenance any time you want! I’ll repurchase when i’m done with my last tube!read more
Yuanpting Oh
Yuanpting Oh
Was not a fan of home teeth whitening kit since the first one that i bought was a waste of money as it did not have any... significant result and even caused me sensitivity. Saw Mooi on Straits Times recently and decided to give it another try since its pretty affordable. And within just one use, i could tell a visible difference and i am already on my 7th day and i can say for sure it works!!! i dont really give reviews but this product is legit good. (oh btw Im a heavy coffee drinker too)read more
Matt Siew
Matt Siew
It's my first home teeth whitening kit and I was really sceptical if it's able to lighten tobacco stains. However, I'm... pleased to say that just after 3 days of use my teeth were so much whiter. *applied gel directly to teeth. I don't have perfectly straight teeth, but the soft tray still fits pretty comfortably, really liked the auto-shut function too. If you too are skeptical, you should just give it a try yourself 👍🏻read more
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