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Teeth Whitening

Here’s What The Mooi Teeth Whitening Kit Can Do For You

No matter how shallow it sounds, we live in an image-conscious world, and physical appearances do matter. The level of physical attractiveness, along with the way you look, is the first thing people notice about each other. And one of the most universal traits that determine physical attractiveness? Having a great smile; which probably explains why cosmetic dentistry is the second-largest non-surgical beauty industry, after makeup. But why the huge fuss over just… teeth? It doesn’t matter if you’re a drop-dead gorgeous head-turner or just the average Joe: here’s how having a great smile can take you far in life:


1. Nail job interviews

Mooi teeth whitening kit

At a job interview, a nice and sincere smile will probably show your potential employer all they need to know about you – how glad you are to be there, your level of enthusiasm and confidence, along with how easy-going and approachable you are as a person. It convinces them that you’re confident in your skills and abilities, eager to learn, and that you’ll get along well with the rest of the team. After all, nobody wants to work with someone that makes the atmosphere unpleasant. Believe it or not, there have been several experiments that relate a person’s smile to securing a job position. In one study, it was found that people who bared whiter, more aligned teeth when smiling are perceived to be more intelligent and professionally successful than those who didn’t. So don’t forget to put your best smile forward the next time, and you might just find yourself holding a new job offer.


2. Leave a positive first impression with your dates

Mooi teeth before after

First impressions can make or break relationships. A study found that 58% of men and 71% of women list having good teeth as number one when asked about their desired traits in a partner, so don’t underestimate the power of having an attractive smile in the dating scene. Whether its a subtle smile or boisterous laughter, smiling is a way to show the other person your interest in them, and can also ease the awkwardness that may come with a first date. People are usually more attuned to positive emotions when forming new bonds with others, so if you’re meeting someone new and with a straight face throughout, it could make you come across as rude, or even worse, cost you your Mr or Mrs Right.


3. Look better and increase self-esteem

mooi home kit review

A great smile is one of the biggest assets someone can have. Smiling is a key component of human interaction, and it also plays a huge role in how you present yourself as a person. When you look nice, you’ll naturally have a higher self-esteem and be more confident, which can positively impact your social life and relationships with those around you. Without having to worry about what you look like, you’ll be more comfortable in social settings and interacting with others. A smile radiates confidence, which attracts everyone.

While most of us may be too busy with our daily life that the dream of getting a gorgeous smile seem too far away, we highly recommend you to get your hands on the Mooi Teeth Whitening Home kit that can transform your smile as fast as one week, all at the comfort of your own home.


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