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5 Bad Habits That Are Actually Hurting Your Teeth

You might be doing this unknowingly, but there are small little habits that you have been doing that are actually harming your teeth. Barely noticeable because they have been ingrained into your routine; these habits are your stumbling block to achieving that gorgeous wide smile. So what habits are we referring to exactly?

Top 5 habits that are silently damaging your teeth 

1. Chewing on ice and hard objects have an impact on your teeth

Mooi ice cube

Ice can be such thirst quenchers on a hot and humid day, and we feel you too! You wouldn’t think twice about putting them into your mouth because they are just frozen water, but chewing on ice can lead to a nail chip, fracture or in worst-case scenarios, breaking of the tooth.

Ice is actually very hard and when you bite down onto a cube of ice, it creates intense pressure on your teeth; your teeth weakens due to micro-fractures that came as a result of this habit. Chewing on ice can be especially harmful to people with braces, crowning and fillings.

Other than ice, beware of chewing on other hard foods that could cause a chip in the tooth. Things like hard candy, bones, pens/ pencils (yes, you heard it right) or even fingernails can be detrimental to the health of the teeth in the long run.

2. Overloading on sugary drinks (or snacks) will harm your teeth

mooi sugary drinks

We’re not saying to avoid them altogether but you do the math. Just like how coffee stains your teeth by sticking on to the surface of the enamel, the sugar in these drinks gets in direct contact with your teeth which can potentially lead to tooth decay and brings with it other dental issues. Plus, have you counted the calories on those things?

In fact, people who eat a diet that is high in sugar content have a higher chance of getting tooth decay and cavities, as sugar hypes up the production of plaque which in turn breaks down the enamel. Acids then attack the teeth when bacteria are in contact with the sugar in the mouth.

Did you know that mooi contains Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, a tartar control agent that is used in commercial dental rinses before brushing to aid in plaque reduction? Find out more here.

3. Teeth Grinding a.k.a Bruxism

mooi bruxism

This is the most common of the lot that is pretty known to the general public. While this process is involuntarily committed, it actually shaves off millimetres of the teeth in months! Get professional help if your partner notices this habit!

4. Not changing your toothbrush head

mooi frayed toothbrush

If you’re still using your toothbrush head/ toothbrush that was unveiled 3 – 4 months ago, then it is high time for you to discard and get a new one. A frayed toothbrush does nothing for you in the oral hygiene department. If you haven’t known by now, your old toothbrush accumulates bacteria and becomes less effective as the bristles get worn out, meaning it is not getting to those hard to reach places and you are probably leaving plaque on your teeth even after brushing.

5. Using your teeth to open things

mooi bite hard objects

Another big no-no! Don’t ever think about using your teeth as an alternative to scissors or hands. Likewise to chewing on ice. You will create pressure on your teeth as you use it to hold or open things; which will increase your chances of fracturing the tooth or a jaw injury if you over-exert pressure! If there are tools to open the items you are using your teeth on, then stick to the tools.

Now you have learnt about the top 5 habits that could be silently damaging your teeth, try breaking the habits in your journey to achieve healthier oral health!



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