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Teeth Whitening

Are At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits Suitable For You?

If there’s something that’s universally agreed on, it’s that the whiter your teeth look, the more attractive your smile is. But unless you’ve got loads of free time and plenty of money to spend on professional teeth whitening at the dentist, pearly whites aren’t exactly the easiest to maintain.

And that’s why affordable, convenient and effective at-home teeth whitening kits such as Mooi are possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread. The best part is that they’ve come a really long way over the years to even rival those treatments at clinics. Unfortunately, they aren’t really suitable for everyone, so read on to find out if you’re a suitable candidate.


Teeth whitening kits are suitable for teeth with surface stains, which are accumulated particles in the film of protein above your teeth enamel. They are caused by frequent smoking, as well as the drinking of beverages like coffee, tea (yes, bubble tea included), wine or soft drinks. These stains can be easily removed.

Do you want to enhance your dental hygiene? Brushing your teeth right after consuming such drinks can prevent the particles from settling into your teeth, while whitening kits can remove these stains for a brighter, whiter and more confident smile.


Not all discolourations can be removed by teeth whitening kits. Teeth can have black spots or stains caused by genetics, poor dental hygiene like inadequate brushing and flossing, or due to decay from cavities, which a teeth whitening kit will not fix.

In addition, stay away from those kits if you have swollen gums or gum disease as the last thing you want to do is irritate your gums any further. You’ll never know how your gums may react to the ingredients in them. It’s essential to seek treatment as gum disease can lead to bone loss around the teeth, which may cause you to lose them.

Lastly, teeth whitening kits are not suitable for those who do not put in the effort to maintain their dental health. Your teeth may look lighter by a few shades, but proper caring for your teeth and gums is ultimately up to you. You can’t expect to be flashing pearly whites if you’re slacking off in caring for them.

If you’re ready to kickstart your teeth whitening journey with Mooi, get yourself a kit here today!


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