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Teeth Whitening

A Recap on 2018’s HSA Banned Beautiful Teeth Whitening Saga

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Teeth whitening has always been on everyone’s mind at some point in their life. The thought of having that bright and beautiful pearly smile is definitely captivating and who doesn’t want to own that?

HSA has warned that when it comes to take-home teeth whitening kits, always be sure that the content of hydrogen peroxide should not exceed the given limit of 0.1% set by HSA, in regards to cosmetic products that are sold on eCommerce platforms meant for home use. The content of hydrogen peroxide was at 4% in the now-banned Beautiful – Cold Light Teeth Whitening Kit; a percentage that was way above the 0.1 per cent limit that can only be supplied through qualified dental practitioners and used under their supervision. In other words, you are not able to use a home kit that is above 0.1% without a prescription.


What is the purpose of Hydrogen Peroxide in teeth whitening?

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical agent that is commonly used in teeth whitening products. It acts as a bleaching agent that helps to change the colour of the teeth by partially penetrating the teeth layers and removing compounds that cause stains and discolouration. Are you a suitable candidate for home whitening kits?

For an active ingredient like hydrogen peroxide, it is important to provide the concentration of the amount being used specifically on its label – in a high concentration setting of hydrogen peroxide and longer contact time, the chemical agent can be potentially corrosive and worsen pre-existing dental conditions or ignite new ones.

So what pointers have we picked up when it comes to purchasing teeth whitening kits?

  •  Test it before you use it

Before using any kind of products, always make sure to do an allergy test. Regardless of a beauty product or a health supplement, it is important to make sure that the product that you brought home suits you before continual usage.

  • Check, check, and triple check the contents of the products

Go through the ingredients list to make sure they comply with the regulations. This can help you to differentiate if the product contains potent ingredients or be substandard in terms of quality. You could also check through with Health Science Authority and make sure that the product is HSA-approved when it comes to cosmetic and beauty products.

  • Know your conditions

If you suffer from pre-existing dental issues such as hypersensitivity or weak gums, or under-going any dental treatment plan with your regular dentist, always consult a professional before using.

  • Do your research

Always make sure you are buying through legit sources and distributors who have high credibility and exercise caution when purchasing cosmetic products online or from unfamiliar sources. This way, you can always trace back if you need assistance.

At the same time, your research will ensure that you are paying the same price as everyone else instead of a highly marked-up value. So always do your research before plunging into purchases.

  • Get busy!

Read through real and honest teeth whitening reviews to see how it works for others. Photos don’t lie! While you’re at it, check out authentic Mooi Teeth Whitening reviews on our Instagram!

  • Ask away!

It is okay to ask questions before buying. If you’re unclear or unsure, don’t be afraid to ask questions to the seller before buying. Remember, you are in charge of your own health and in relevance, you should know what you put on your teeth!


Take-home whitening kits are a convenient alternative to teeth whitening procedures at a dental clinic, and at a fraction (or more) of the cost, it is definitely attractive to want to purchase it without a second thought. Teeth whitening at home can be just an easy add-on to your entire self-care routine. So what are the 3 things to note that can make the experience an enjoyable one?

  • Take note of the content. There are many concerns about using hydrogen-peroxide that even hair dyes are finding better alternatives. For Mooi Teeth Whitening Kits, you can be sure to know that our home kits are peroxide-free and our ingredients are common ingredients found in your toothpaste or mouth rinse!
  • The duration of the whitening session. Following to point 1, the longer you have hydrogen peroxide on your teeth, the higher the chances to face issues such as teeth corrosion or worsening of current dental conditions. Aside to being peroxide-free, Mooi also makes sure that you stay within the safe duration as there is a 16 minutes timer for our whitening kits. It shuts off automatically when the time is up! How convenient is that?
  • Certification. Remember that general cosmetic and beauty products that contain any active ingredients have to be HSA-approved. Our Mooi kits are SGS certified, halal-certified, GMP certified and HSA notified in Singapore!

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