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6 Essential Self Care Goals To Set Up For 2021

22 Aug 2022
2020 has been a challenging year for most of us around the world; the lockdowns, travel restrictions and obstructions of daily normality. Oh, how I miss the days of being able to try on makeup samples at the mall.

Which brings us to the topic of self-care in a post Covid-19 world in Singapore;

Here are 6 essential self care goals to set up for 2021

1. Aligning your daily hygiene routine with your oral care.
While we’ve been maintaining excellent hygiene practices of sanitizing and washing hands, we should adopt the same level of practice with our oral hygiene.
Regular flossing and using an electric toothbrush are good dental practices that will benefit your oral care in the long run.

2. A balance of a good night’s sleep, healthy diet and regular 
In our modern world of screen times, food deliveries and working from home, we may easily forget to get up from the couch and continuously live a life of movie marathons and grab eats. Let’s remember to take care of our body & mind by balancing our daily routine.
3. Baths, massages, facials, haircuts, aromatherapy.
These ultimate self-care tools on rotation all year round are recommended to keep the god-goddess within, in form. They cleanse, relieve stress, improve your mood and help with relaxation.

4. Take a “ME”day at least once every 3 months to do that thing you wanted to do.

A new hobby or a makeover you’ve been dreaming about for months or years; It’s time to just do it! Life’s too short to hold back on your desires.
5. Saying “No” to things that are inherently not good for you.
Be it extra responsibilities, toxic relationships or oily food, it’s important and it’s ok to reject and put an end to things that are not good for your well being.
6.  Spend on yourself, once in a while.
I know life is expensive, especially in Singapore. You have bills to pay and the obligations never ends, but make 2021 the year that you invest in your well being.You don’t have to splurge, but spending within your budget on that face mask or teeth whitening kit can do wonders for your self esteem, and will make you look & feel great!

Thanks for reading and all the best for this new year!

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Lee Jia Wei
Lee Jia Wei
I really like this product! I’ve been using it for quite some time now and noticed quite a difference, especially from... afar 😂it’s more affordable than going to the clinics as well & you can do maintenance any time you want! I’ll repurchase when i’m done with my last tube!read more
Yuanpting Oh
Yuanpting Oh
Was not a fan of home teeth whitening kit since the first one that i bought was a waste of money as it did not have any... significant result and even caused me sensitivity. Saw Mooi on Straits Times recently and decided to give it another try since its pretty affordable. And within just one use, i could tell a visible difference and i am already on my 7th day and i can say for sure it works!!! i dont really give reviews but this product is legit good. (oh btw Im a heavy coffee drinker too)read more
Matt Siew
Matt Siew
It's my first home teeth whitening kit and I was really sceptical if it's able to lighten tobacco stains. However, I'm... pleased to say that just after 3 days of use my teeth were so much whiter. *applied gel directly to teeth. I don't have perfectly straight teeth, but the soft tray still fits pretty comfortably, really liked the auto-shut function too. If you too are skeptical, you should just give it a try yourself 👍🏻read more
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